Peep & the Big Wide WorldPeepbalance.JPG
Balancing the Bunny
Measure Teddy
Measure bears using
simple ruler scale

Weigh it UpWeigh_it_up.JPG

Balancing Scales
Using Shapes

Count Us In
Count_us_in.JPGOrdering people from
tallest to shortest

Compare & Order
Recognising biggerand smaller
Length StrengthMeasuring.PNG
Measuring with Paperclips
Moving FishMeasuring_Fish.PNG
Moving Fish by Size
See-Saw Hee-Haws
Weighing Animals
Which Tool TeddyWhich_Tool_Bear.PNG
Choose the correct measuring tool
Dinosaur TrainDinosaur_Train.JPG
How big are they?
Balancing ActBalance_the_Birdie.JPG
Balance the Birdies
Number BalanceBalance_the_Numbers.JPG
Simple Equations
Can you Fill it?Liquid_Volume_Game.JPG
Liquid Volume Game
Volume and CapacityMore_or_Less.JPG
Which holds more?
Light or Heavy
Recognising Mass